Craigville Beach

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May 30, 2018
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Craigville Beach

Craigville Beach

The Town of Barnstable abounds in beaches.

Seven distinct villages, including Barnstable Village, Hyannis, Centerville, Cotuit, Marston Mills, Osterville and West Barnstable, comprise the Town of Barnstable, the largest town on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Barnstable stretches from Cape Cod Bay on its northern end to Nantucket Sound on its southern tip. Although many of the beaches in the Town of Barnstable are only available to local residents, these beaches are open to the public.

Craigville Beach, Centerville
Located in Centerville and near Nantucket Sound. Plenty of parking, warmer water than the north and east coast beaches, changing rooms with showers and snack bars add to its appeal. For an authentic New England experience, eat lunch at one of the clam shacks in the area.

Big parking lot, get there by 11. Water is warm and reasonably calm. Family oriented crowd. Beach is nice.
Restrooms nearby and food. I think this my favorite cape cod beach overall.

A few weekends ago my friend invited a group of us to his family’s house on the Cape. During our stay we decided on making one day a beach day. I haven’t been to the Cape in years and I’m not familiar with any of the beaches. So when it was time to decide on a beach , I went with what the majority decided. This beach ended up being a good choice. It wasn’t noisy or crowded, and the water was so warm. Parking for the day was reasonable and in close proximity to the beach. This is definitely a good beach for the family or just to relax.

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