Greetings from beautiful Cape Cod.
I want to sincerely thank you for stopping by.

What qualifies me as the Cape Cod Vacation Insider is the fact that me and my wife Bobbi have had a love affair with Cape Cod for over 60+ years. As young lovers beginning 1960, we spent endless weekends on Cape and as a married couple we spent loads of quality time on the cape with our 3 children, now all in their 50's. We moved to the cape in 1990 and can't believe we have been living an amazing life in paradise for the past 28 years. Truth is, if we had not moved to the cape way back then, I would have dead and buried a long time ago. Knowing and traveling the cape for all these years kind of qualifies us as bona fide "Capecodders". Recently, we decided to start a meaningful blog, sharing our experiences and knowledge of Cape Cod to help folks while considering their vacation plans to the cape. Grab your favorite refreshment and spend some quality time learning about what to do and places to visit while making your vacation plans. In closing, let me thank you again for stopping by, and if you do plan to come to the cape drop us a note. We would love to meet you in person.

May God bless you and have a wonderful day,
Mike the Cape Cod Vacation Insider.